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Gifts as unique as you are.

We are grateful to donors who provide funding for projects that are not able to be supported in the annual operating budget or by the school’s maintenance and capital endowment. To learn more about supporting a special project, please contact Director of Advancement, Christy Zahn, at or at (918) 879-4749.


Examples of past special projects funded by donors:

  • Underwriting of a new Holland Hall wrestling program

  • Upper School Teachers’ Lounge refresh

  • Golf carts for use in Admissions

  • Rigamajig large-scale building kit for Primary School STEM learning

Approved special projects needing funding:


Academic and Arts Support

  • New Holliman Gallery lighting to enhance and spotlight student artwork and gallery exhibits

  • Year’s worth of supplies for Primary School art and music programming

  • STEM education: Robotics FUNDED

  • Wireless system for Middle School Academic Team practice and competition

  • STEM education: Engineering, circuitry, and programmable robotics equipment for Primary School science curriculum FUNDED

  • 6’x10′ Greenhouse and funds for ongoing support of Kindergarten science curriculum focused on agriculture and sustainability FUNDED

  • Technology enhancements for Middle School orchestra program


  • STEM education: materials and programming for engineering design and construction activities for Middle School science curriculum FUNDED

  • Additional Bassoon for the HH band to accommodate all students who play the bassoon

  • Harkness Table for MS Social Studies, allowing student-led, collaborative learning according to the Harkness Method (currently used in the Upper School)

  • Year’s worth of supplies for Middle School art programming

  • Year’s worth of supplies for Middle School music programming

  • Upper School science support FUNDED


  • Year’s worth of library books and subscriptions for Primary, Middle, or Upper School

Health, Wellness, and Athletics

  • Physical Education equipment and programming for Primary and Middle School

  • Zone chute for football linemen

  • 5-man sled for football team practice

  • Indoor hitting nets for golf practice FUNDED



  • New track hurdles

  • Wind screens for tennis, softball, and baseball

  • Cage/shell for on-field baseball batting practice FUNDED

  • Primary School Climbing Wall



  • Pole Vaulting equipment and new landing system

  • Playground equipment for Primary and Middle School playgrounds


$250,000 AND UP

  • New Press Box for Hardesty Field

Campus Enhancements

  • Two dozen new trees to be planted inside main fence line for enhanced campus beauty

  • New stage fixtures in the Branch Theater*


  • Battery-operated, portable LED lighting for outdoor events and activities


  • Flexible-design furniture for collaborative learning in Middle School classrooms

  • Renovations to US classrooms to include subject-specific furniture and technology 

  • Water bottle filling stations for the Middle School

  • Electronic blinds for plate glass windows in the Holliman Gallery

  • Dressing room enhancements in Walter Arts Center*

  • Dance studio renovations

  • New soundboards in the Branch Theater and Newman Theater*

  • Upgraded LED lighting in Upper School gym

  • New portable acoustical shell for choral, band, and orchestral performances*

$25,000 – $50,000

  • Modernize All Saints Chapel interior lighting and ancillary spaces

  • New stage curtains in the Branch Theater

$50,000 AND UP

  • New modular, moveable, and versatile furniture for the Kistler Middle School library

  • Re-skin stage floor in the Branch Theater*

  • Field hockey and soccer field enhancements (lighting, seating, scoreboard)

  • New softball dugouts

  • Expanded bleacher seating for the Newman Theater (Black Box)

  • Middle and Upper School locker room renovations

* These items are needed in advance of Holland Hall hosting the ISAS Arts Festival in 2020. An annual event since 1967, the ISAS Arts Festival is a three-day spring event that features work by more than 3,000 upper school students representing 40 independent schools from six states. The ISAS Festival is recognized as the nation’s premiere regional Arts Festival for high school students.


Safety, Transportation, and Maintenance

  • New doors in various campus locations


  • Upgraded campus security enhancements

  • Upgraded campus-wide emergency alert system for use in case of sudden inclement weather or safety-related incidents

$50,000 AND UP

  • Upgrade of all campus building alarm systems

  • New backhoe

  • New bus for field trips, School out of Doors (SOOD) programming, Freshmen Orientation, and athletics

  • New or used trucks and small utility vehicles for maintenance department

  • Security guardhouse at main campus entrance

  • Traffic light on 81st Street at main campus entrance ($300,000)

Fund a Scholar
There is no gift more important and meaningful than that of a an education. Providing scholarship funds for a qualified student strengthens and enhances the Holland Hall community and the educational experience for every student. Annual tuition costs range from $7,000 for the 3-day-a-week PreK program to $19,900 for an Upper School student. Providing additional “wrap-around” funding for items like uniforms, bus transportation, and school lunches ensures the student has all he or she needs to participate fully in the Holland Hall experience.

Support Faculty
$2,500 AND UP
Holland Hall teachers are the very best in their respective fields and in many cases are leading or supporting initiatives that help train other teachers in the Tulsa community and across the country. Providing a professional development opportunity for a Holland Hall teacher in any branch or discipline strengthens the entire faculty and has a far-reaching impact on our student experience.

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