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Campaign Questions


What is the purpose of the campaign?
As it nears 100 years of academic, artistic, and athletic excellence, and guiding Tulsa’s best and brightest youth, Holland Hall is launching the most expansive comprehensive campaign in its history. Designed to raise $50 million over five years, the fundraising effort will underwrite the construction of the new A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Dining and Wellness Center and Chapman Green, add student scholarships and financial aid, enhance the faculty and academic life, and strengthen Holland Hall’s financial foundation.

What purpose will the A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Dining and Wellness Center (the Tandy) serve?
Research underscores the importance of bringing students together in an environment other than the classroom. The new $20 million facility will be a place where discussions are sparked and learning is ignited. The newest addition to Holland Hall’s beautiful 162-acre campus, the Tandy will be unique in its ability to unite the three branches and house events with the entire student body present. The facility will upgrade and expand the school’s dining capabilities and provide a proper home and specialized equipment for health and wellness programming.

What will be included in the Tandy?
Along with a state-of-the-art dining facility, the Tandy will house an area where the achievements of our founders, alumni, and students will be displayed. It will also contain a juice and coffee bar where parents, visitors, faculty, and students may gather to discuss course work, conduct meetings, or just enjoy being on the campus. In addition, the Tandy will include an Alumni Center and multiple conference rooms that will increase faculty gathering and planning space, and provide resources for community and conference meetings.


What are the benefits of having the Tandy?
The Tandy will address a longstanding need for upgraded dining facilities for Middle and Upper School students. It will bring together the campus community by creating opportunities for meaningful engagement among students, faculty, and staff. It will open up needed space in the Upper and Middle Schools for classrooms and technology centers, as well as create a “front door” to the campus.

Is the Tandy the only component of the campaign?
The Tandy is just one element of the Campaign. $20 million will be raised for endowments and the Annual Fund, and $10 million in estate gifts will be raised to build on the foundation for future financial strength. The Enhancing Our Common Ground campaign is designed to affect every aspect of the school: academics, arts, athletics, students, faculty, and facilities – both for today and for the future.

What are the goals of the endowments and the Annual Fund?
The endowments and the Annual Fund aim to increase student scholarships to further diversify our student body and ensure that promising students have access to a Holland Hall education. They are also intended to increase the number of Master Teacher Chairs, allowing us to retain and reward our outstanding faculty. With these funds, we will maintain our ability to recruit great teachers regionally and nationally and to provide the technology, art, and athletic equipment and other educational essentials to complement our ambitious educational and growth objectives.

Who are the leaders of the campaign?
The campaign is being led by Head of School J.P. Culley, Campaign Director Margie Harned Diaz ’82, Assistant Campaign Director Beth Lieser Goddard ’86, co-chairs David Rossetti ’70 and Jan Avent, Roger and Francy Collins, J.W. and Mollie Craft, Peter ’71 and Rose Edwards, Bill and Patty Lawson ’81, Trase and Shana Mahan, David and Tammie Maloney, Adam & Susan ’97 Peterson, and Michael A. ’84 and Diane D. Swartzendruber.


How long will it take to build the Tandy Dining and Wellness Center?

The groundbreaking ceremony was May 5th, 2017! The ensuing summer was spent gathering construction bids and finalizing architectural plans. If all goes according to plan, the Tandy will be ready before the end of 2018.

How can I contribute to the campaign?

There are so many ways to be a part of the largest campaign in our school’s history. Your gift to any of the campaign initiatives – Annual Fund and Special Projects, Endowment, the Tandy Dining and Wellness Center, or an Estate Gift – is included in the overall $50 million goal. If you would like to make a gift to any of these endeavors and would like more information, please contact Margie Harned Diaz ’82 at or (918) 879-4720 or Beth Lieser Goddard ’86 at or (918) 879-4720.

Through collaboration and shared experiences, Holland Hall students learn from each other’s differences in background, culture, ability, interest, and perspective.

With a curricular emphasis on
service learning, Holland Hall students develop a sense of social responsibility & learn to live as cooperative, compassionate members of local& global communities.

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